Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Friday, 8 June 2018


In maths this term we have been learning how to do co-ordinates and is my work we where also learning how to do brackets,linear algebra,basic algebra,factorising


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Express your self through art

last term we done this we put our head against the white board and then someone traced it onto a bit of white paper and then we cut it out and stuck it on black paper

This term we had to write about a artist witch mine was Ans Westra and we had to write about was she was famous for she was famous for taking pictures                                                           
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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

9MG English:Term 1

This term in English We have been working on the hero cycle so at the started off by Making a poster about our hero so I made mine on Maria Tutia. We had to do a 2 paragraphs on that person or about there team so I done one of the person and one about there team and what they do We also had to do a hero cycle movie Thing we could do it either on our Chromebooks or on paper I chose to do it on paper and you could also chose to do it on People or a movie I done it on Ellen DeGeneres and I do it with my friend Ataahua.

When we do The Big question and the Success Ticket we go into the class find a seat and we sign into our chrome books then we wait for Mrs Evans to star the timer and then she would had written something for us to write about and we would get 5 Minuets  to write about that thing for the success ticket we would need to finish our work then we would complete the success ticket.

I am proud of my hero cycle work what we had to do was pick a person i picked maria tutti and i ha to write 2 paragraphs about her and her team and then you had to put in  websites about maria and what she likes then i just put some photos

What i recon went well for me this term is that i was working hard and next term i would like to work on working more harder than i was and and i want to be more confident with my writing  

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