Friday, 23 June 2017

My weekly math work book

Holly and My Report on the eye

The Eye

The eyes are located on your face and they help you see the
surroundings around you. There are many different types of eye colours Blue, Green, Hazel and Brown. Some people suffer from eye diseases and that can make them blind.

Your pupil is a little hole in the center of your iris. The pupil is black because most of the light in the tissue inside absorbs the light. When it is night time your pupils will grow bigger so you can see more in the dark but when you are in the light your pupils will shrink. Most of your eye is made up of a clear gel that is very sensitive. The iris is a colored ring surrounding and supporting the pupil. You have to blink 1,200 times a day to keep your eyes clean. Your eyebrows and eyelashes keep dust and all the bad things getting in your eye balls.

People can have a lot of types of diseases. Some of them are Short sighted, Long sighted and Colour blindness and much more. Short distance is where you can see things from close up but you can not see things from really far away. Long distance is where

Friday, 9 June 2017

W.A.L.T:Report Success Criteria

We have been given a task to get a success criteria and a piece of writing and fit examples of the success criteria  

Friday, 2 June 2017

Hanmer Springs Camp

Day 1: On day one We Met together at school in the tech center then done the roll then we hopped in our cars and started traveling to Refton and we had a stop there for a 30 min break and then we carried on with our trip to Hanmer. When we got to Hanmer we got into our bunk rooms and then unpacked out of the cars and then our first activity started at 2.00 my first activity was Tree Climbing.Once we finished that we went to the hot pools we got there around 5:00 and left about 10 to 7. Then we got back to camp then we had 15 Minutes until dinner was ready so some people had a shower. Once 15 minutes was over we had dinner on the first night we had Spaghetti Bolonage then we had Half an Hour then some people had supper. Then we had quite time then we had to go to bed 

Day 2: We woke up about 7:30 and got ready for the day then we went and had breakfast we had a choice of cornflakes, Rice bubbles, toast and peaches then our first activity started at 9:15 because we had a briefing once we done that we got on with our first activity our one was Mission Impossible once we done that we had lunch then got on with our next activity was Mountain Biking that went around 2:50 once we finished that we got all our gear ready for the hot pools and the lolly shop and got our good walking shoes on for conical hill. When every one was done there activity's we got in our cars and drove to Conical hill. When we where there we went to the top of the hill and then came back down.Once we done that we drove to the lolly shop. After that we went to the Hot Pools we spent 2 hours when we got out we went back to the camp and had dinner then had half an hour to practice for camp concert once that half an hour was over we done the camp concert once that was over we had to quite down and then go to bed.

Day 3: We woke up and then we had to get ready for the day then we went and had breakfast  then we got ready for our first activity that was a 9:15. Our first activity was Orienteering once we finished the activity we had lunch and started traveling home.  

Here is the link to the camp video Camp Video