Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts

Our  costume is Day of the dead. Day of the dead is a celebration in Mexico it is to celebrate the people that have past away in recent years at day of the dead they have food called Bread of the dead,Sugar skulls,sweet egg rich and much more these are some of there popular ones. Here are some of the foods you can make Pan De Muerto,Mole,Tameles,Atole,Canned Pumpkin. Day of the dead goes from 31st of October to the 2nd of November. 
What was our dress made out of? It was made out of Plastic bag dress then a Newspaper dress with some painted Black and some just left like normal newspaper with words. We also had some old fabric with flowers on it so we decided to stick it on then we decided to stick some purple ribbon to the top of the dress then for the straps we stuck them on with some velcro. The straps were made out of the lines we used for the middle part.
What we did do well. We worked together really well  towards the end we had some muddle ups on the dress but we fixed them. When Shialla Was working on something I was working on something else.  
What we didn't do so well.We dident work as well at the start.And we where sometimes arguing and what we where going to do to the dress  
What we would change. We would change how we done the newspaper strips because when we put the dress on it would be annoying because they would hook over each other and you would have to unfold the one by one. We also wouldn't have the head band because it was annoying to put the mask and the headband on because it would get caught on the straps from the mask.