Friday, 20 October 2017

Week 1 Term 4

This Week was our first week back at school We have already had a very eventful week with lots of things happening.

Monday-On Monday we Had a normal day of work Of maths and writing for topic and writhing we have a new subject it is space and we have to write on a planet that we picked I picked Mars to write about Here is a fact about mars in 20-40 Years Mars will be getting a ring if you dont know what a ring is.Its just like Jupiter has around its self. We Also Had a normal day on Tuesday but in maths we learnt how to do an easy way of 10% 
Wednesday- On Wednesday we had technology in the morning till 11.00 and then when we got back we had our lunch and then after that we done Maths After Lunch we went to the library and did topic about space at 2.00 some of our class and T2 and T1 went out to practice High jump for athletics on Thursday.
Thursday-We had maths in the morning the we had reading at 1.15 we walked down to athletics and our first event was Shot put and the other events was 

Shotput,Discus,80m,100m Sprints,Long Jump,High Jump